The beginning…

In 2006, Aaron David Herman and Chad Bahr began a conversation that would eventually become ShadowVox. After years of being sculpted and inspired by incredible a cappella music, they dreamed of starting a group that would not only create infectious melodies, fashion intricate arrangements and push the limits of “vocals only” music, but also carry the honest, real message of hope. The power of God through the voice of men.

Seeking a band name that would embody what this group is all about, they both loved the idea of using the word “Vox” – which is latin for “voice”. But it needed something more. Aaron was meditating on Psalm 63:7 one evening and the line “…in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy” turned a light on in his brain… singing in the shadow of His wing… shadow song… shadow voice? ShadowVox! And there it was.

Over years of searching for just the right mix of heart, talent and relationship, Aaron and Chad have teamed up with Josh Harrison, Luke Coles and Ben Dixon, and together they’ve begun to realize this dream – a dream to use a cappella music to impact the world. Creating art with their voices and encouraging others with love and truth, they humbly seek to inspire generations of music lovers.

The time has come. They’re not getting any younger, thinner or growing more hair. These a cappella veterans have been singing around the globe for the past 20 years and don’t intend to hang it up anytime soon.